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My Photography

I have always enjoyed documenting my adventures. Taking an interest in photography coincided with my own growing interest in mountaineering and climbing. From 2009 to 2011, I studied Fine Art Photography in University of Ulster Belfast. I didn’t find it easy to fit into the Art world. Essentially I was at a stage of my life where I just wanted to climb and take climbing photographs. After 3 years of study I graduated with the knowledge and appreciation of photography's place within fine art, and how that could be applied to my own photography to make more meaningful work. I sold all my prints at the graduate show and won the award "Diageos best emerging artist".  After university I just went to the mountains. I didn't really want to be an artist, I just wanted to be a mountain guide and a climber and so I worked towards that. But I never stopped taking photographs.

 I photograph lots of different things, and I always like to have a camera when I see something that catches my eye in a certain way. I like patterns, and little moments that stand out either because they look funny or because they are different. I often take a full frame DSLR when I'm guiding, or climbing with friends. I hope you enjoy my photographs. 

Commercial Photography

As a mountain guide and an a highly accomplished alpinist, climber and skier I am available to work on commercial shoots and photographic projects in a wide range of environments. I have an intricate knowledge of the Chamonix valley and areas across the alps for shooting locations in accessible and less accessible venues.



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