© 2016 John McCune. 

Please give me a phone or email if you want to get in touch about guiding plans. 

info@mccunemountaineering.com  (mostly doesn't work. I'm sorry for anyone who has emailed this and never heard back because for some reason when you email this it isn't redirected to my gmail as I thought it should. It infact goes to some black hole in the outerdimensions of my interweb consciousness, and I don't know how to access them. I did find a whole load of emails from the last 4 years in a little inbox on this website editor, and everyone must have thought I was very rude. I'm not rude I just didn't know they were going there and am not interweb clever enough to know thats where they were going)

jmccune56@gmail.com (Should almost always work)


00447756400622 UK. 0033768445467 France

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