I love climbing. I am available to guide climbing trips throughout the year. Personally I climb all year round and there is always something to climb whatever the season. I offer rock climbing and ice climbing weeks based in Chamonix, but I am also very happy to travel for specialised trips to other parts of the world.

Rock climbing is diverse. Whether you are a complete beginner and want to make your first moves on rock, or if you are an advanced climber and you want to push your grade and take it to another level we can come up with a trip and a plan to make your experience one to remember. Chamonix is a really good place to be based with a huge variety of climbing on the door step. There are lots of crags and big cliffs throughout the valley on a variety of rock types.

 Within a few hours drive there is some of the best sport climbing in the world. The south of France is brimming with world class multi-pitch routes. 

 I also offer rock climbing guiding anywhere in the world and have plenty of ideas for exciting climbing destinations. 

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Ice and mixed climbing is an exciting winter activity. To climb a frozen waterfall is an unforgettable experience. 

 Mixed climbing is generally associated with bigger mountain routes, and involves climbing a mixture of snow, rock and ice. 

 Whether its pure ice or mixed, it involves using 2 technical ice climbing axes, and crampons on your boots. 

 Armed with these tools we can attack the frozen vertical world. 

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