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Rock climbing takes you to some of the most magnificent positions in the mountains. Climbing high above the ground is exhilerating, challenging and rewarding. I love teaching people how to climb and guiding people up routes. 

 Rock climbing is my passion and I climb most days of the week and maintain a high standard of fitness. I would love to take you climbing and help you to push your limit and learn to become self-sufficient in the mountains. 

Instruction and coaching


I have been a rock climbing instructor for ten years, going through the UK qualifications SPA (Single Pitch Award) and MIA (Mountain Instructor Award). I have a lot of experience teaching people climbing, leading and trad skills. 

Alpine rock climbing


Chamonix is a mecca for alpine rock climbing. There are endless granite spires, golden monoliths and rocky needles scraping the sky. These offer mega multi-pitch rock climbs high above the glacier. Iconic buttresses like The Aiguille Du midi south face, Point Lachenal, Pyramid du Tacul and the incredible Grand Capucin offer some of the best and most accessible alpine rock climbing in the world. 

Multipitch Sport


Down in the valleys around Chamonix there is extensive multi pitch limestone climbing. The Arve Valley has routes up to 300m high brimming with exposure and adventure. It is often a good weather option if its bad in the mountains, but Ive now started climbing down there in preference to the granite because some of the routes are totally wild! There is lots of great multi-pitching covering all the grades. 

 Through the tunnel in Italy there is a whole other country with amazing venues and different weather options. Chamonix is a perfect base for a rock climbing trip with an incredible range of options from the mountains, to the valley crags surrounding in the Arve, Italy, and close by Switzerland.  

Rock climbing in Ireland


I usually spend some time in Ireland in the spring time, to try some new routes, enjoy the climbing and craic. Ireland has some fantastic rock climbing when the weather is agreeable, and this often just means having the flexibility to go to the right crag for the day. I have explored a lot of crags and have often been climbing in the sun, watching rain falling everywhere else. All the climbing in Ireland is Trad. This keeps it fairly adventurous. Fairhead is one of the biggest crags in the British Isles with routes up to 100m long on a plum vertical wall. There are mountain crags, like the Mournes and wicklow which offer granite multi-pitch. Down the west coast there are incredible sea cliffs and superb venues like the Burren, Owey Island, Gola Island and Valencia Island. If you are interested in some Irish climbing get in touch and I can arrange something. 

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